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Other UPARC Services


Supported Employment Program

Employee Development/Time Limited Job Coaching

provides the opportunity for you to get short-term assistance in securing a job in the community.  Staff will help you develop the skills you need for getting a job and keeping a job.  They will provide assistance in areas that may prevent you from working, e.g. needing transportation, specific training, getting ID cards, childcare assistance, etc.





Supported Employment Individual Model

provides you with long term support in getting and keeping a job.  Staff

will assist you in finding a job of your choice and provide on-going help

to you on the job site or off site so that you can learn all the job requirements

and maintain positive relationships with your co-workers.  Staff assistance

will be provided as long as you wish to work.


Supported Employment Group Model

provides the opportunity for you to work competitively in the community

in a highly supervised setting among your peers.  Supervision is provided

at all times to assist persons in training and to support their personal needs.