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Habilitation Services

The mission of UPARC's Habilitation Services is to provide personal enrichment training and work opportunities for persons who are developmentally disabled. Meaningful activities and interaction in the community are encouraged to include volunteer work, recreational, leisure, social and educational experiences. The Habilitation Centers currently serve persons over the age of 21 with developmental and physical disabilities. 

The goal of this program is to provide both ongoing training in habilitation areas as well as real work so those served can earn an actual paycheck of their own. The persons served have ongoing opportunities to work on contract jobs, accepting responsibility for quality assurance and adhering to work rules prevalent in the competitive work place.

UPARC currently has three Habilitation centers (Hab. I, II & III.)  An assessment of the individuals skill level is done upon entry to place them into a center initially.  As their skill level increases and their need for physical assistance and supervision decreases, they may advance to another Habilitation Center. 

The ulitimate goal is for the individuals we serve to achieve the skills necessary to acquire a job and home on their own out in the community.

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